Boil water Advisory – Rescinded

Boil water Advisory for the Red River Regional WTP at Letellier

The Pembina Valley Water Cooperative Inc. is notifying the public about a boil water advisory for customers that receive water from the Red River Regional Water Treatment Plant in Letellier at 9:00 am on Monday Dec 14. It is anticipated to be 4 to 7 days long.

The maintenance work involves divers entering the treated water reservoir to replace isolation valves, which requires a boil order as requested by Manitoba Health and Manitoba Sustainable Development to ensure the public’s health is protected.

This will include the following:

  • Town of Altona
  • Municipality of Rhineland including Plum Coulee, Rosenfeld, and Gretna
  • Parts of the Municipality of Emerson Franklin, including Emerson system
  • Parts of the RM of Stanley (Reinfeld system)
  • Parts of the RM of Montcalm including Letellier, and St. Joeseph (does not included St. Jean)
  • Halbstadt – Marias Water Cooperative
  • Altona Rural Water Cooperative
  • Roseau River First Nation
  • Blumengart Colony

2020-12-08 BWA Affected Area 2

BWA-20-12-09 Red River Regional Notice

Boil Water Advisory Fact Sheet #3

Boil Water Advisory Fact Sheet #1


Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the Pembina Valley Water Cooperative office will remain in lock-down until further notice.

If you need to contact the office please call:


For after hour emergencies call:

Greg Archibald: 204-324-4298

Jake Fehr: 204-324-3889

Luke Chouinard: 204-304-0527

Kirt Henry: 204-304-1603

About Pembina Valley Water Cooperative Inc 

In the early 90’s, a number of municipalities in south central Manitoba joined to form the Pembina Valley Water Cooperative Inc. (PVWC). The purpose was to develop a regional approach to supplying potable water in an area which lacked wide distribution of good, plentiful water resources, but which also exhibited the highest rate of economic growth of any region in Manitoba.

The PVWC, a privately held not for profit cooperative owned by fourteen member municipalities, offers a regional approach to producing and distributing high quality, potable water. The PVWC pipeline distribution system covers a service area of 9,000 square kilometers and serves a population base of approximately 50,000 people.  The head office is located in Altona, Manitoba with water treatment plants located in Letellier, Morris and Stephenfield.  Situated in the midst of the province’s richest agricultural and economically thriving area, PVWC provides potable water to this vibrant and diverse region.  PVWC has succeeded through vision and forward planning to achieve consistent growth.

Municipalities that are members of the cooperative include:

Town of Altona             City of Winkler

R.M. of Dufferin            Town of Carman

R.M. of Grey                   Municipality of Emerson – Franklin

R.M. of Montcalm         R.M. of Morris

Town of Morris             Municipality  of Rhineland

R.M. of Roland              City of Morden

R.M. of Stanley             R.M. of Thompson

The mandate of the PVWC is to provide treated/potable water that meets all of the Canadian drinking water standards to its municipal members. It is governed by a board of 14 members, one representative from each municipal member.

Pembina Valley Water Coop

429 Industrial Drive

Altona, MB  R0G 0B0