*Update *PVWC- Use Water Wisely


Pembina Valley Water Coop and the municipalities would like to thank all of the people for their water reduction efforts. PVWC is currently encouraging people to use water wisely and has lifted the reduction. 

Currently the Red River Regional WTP (Letellier) is operating at normal capacity and most or the reservoirs are full. PVWC and the municipalities are continuing to working together to best manage the reservoirs.


Please use your water Wisely. Some tips to conserve treated water.

  1. Stop leaks. Check all water using appliances, equipment and other devices for leaks.
  2. Encourage bulk trucks to fill at raw water sources when possible.
  3. Follow local bylaws on watering your lawn.
  4. Shorten your shower.
  5. Wash full loads of laundry.


Using Water Wisely

Using Water Wisely Rural


Updated PVWC Drought Plan

PVWC Drought Plan 


Notice of Application Revised Bulk Water Rates Nov 29, 2018



Please see link below for more information.

Notice of Application Revised Bulk Water Rates Pembina Valley Water Cooperative Inc